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Shopping With: Chloe Singleton


Shopping for Happy products now has even more perks! Earn points towards exciting rewards and discounts on future orders every time you make a purchase. And the best part — it’s completely FREE.

Buy more. Earn more.

It's simple. Each dollar spent earns you points that can then be redeemed for virtual discount cards on a future purchase. You can redeem multiple cards in one order and most products are eleigible to earn points!

Start shopping

You do your thing. We’ll do ours.

You earn it.

5 points per $1 + EXTRA Bonus Point Activities

We track it.

Log in to display your points every time you shop

You spend it.

Log in and redeem your rewards during checkout

Breakdown - Points

Point Value
5 points per $1 of spending

Redemption Rate
1500 points per $10 of redemption

$10 Loyalty Rewards Card

Extra Points

200 points (1 time)

200 points

Stay Loyal. Go VIP.

Membership Levels
Base Points
Bonus Points
Additional Rewards

Membership Level: Preferred
Base Points: 0-5,999

Membership Level: VIP
Base Points: 6,000+
Bonus Points: 1,500
Additional Rewards: Special Shopping Opportunities


Share. Earn. Repeat.

It’s never been easier to share your favorite products—and get rewarded. Use the products you love to earn and try new products.
From your Account Settings, you can send your referral code and link to friends and family. Or if you are all in to social media, just copy your code and start sharing!

Login & Get Sharing, Get Saving

You share it.

Send your code to friends. Find your code in your Account Settings

Friends use it.

Referral enters code or uses link before checking out.

Win, Win.

You earn Rewards Point, Your referral gets $10 off order.*

Referral Rewards

Every Happy Co. account can SHARE & SAVE!

Give your friends $10 off* their first order, and get rewards points toward your next order once they make their first purchase.

Friend Reward
$10 off* first purchase

Referrer Reward
2250 points / $15 for redemption
*see terms & conditions

Let's Get Social

Use these Images and start earning rewards

It’s so easy. Post a graphic with your referral code or link so you can earn $15 rewards with each referral who orders. Then try new Happy Co products or stock up on your favorites–it’s up to you.


Points Terms & Conditions

Both customers and Brand Partners can earn REWARDS points.
No charge to join the program and no minimum purchase amount to earn points.
No fee to redeem points.

Purchasing Rewards earned by:
  • Retail product purchases 5 points per $1
  • Brand Partner purchases 5 points per $1
  • SmartShip Purchases 5 points per $1
Two levels to the program.
  • Preferred 0-5,999 points
  • VIP 6,000+ points

Points are redeemable for $10 Virtual Rewards Cards.
Only $10 increments can be redeemed, no fractional increments. Product discount on or in the SHOP section of the Brand Partner’s Back Office.

No maximum number of points that can be earned or redeemed
  • per order
  • per month
  • per year

The earning of $10 Gift Certificates does NOT lower CV or QV.
No transferring of points.
Customer / Brand Partner must order every 3 months or lose REWARDS Points
REWARDS Points expire after 12 months of being earned.

Referral Terms & Conditions

How the Program Works

Program Participation
To participate in the Program, Referrers must be new or existing customers of The Happy Co. Individuals who receive a referral code or link via a Referrer are “Friends” (or, singly, a “Friend”). An “Eligible” Referrer may receive “Reward(s)” for every “Qualified Referral”. By participating in the program, a Referrer represents that he or she has prior consent to provide their referral code or link to other individuals.

Eligible Referrer
To be “Eligible,” a Referrer must:
Be a new customer on; or
Be an existing customer with an activated referral code on

Making a Referral
A Referrer must have an account with an active referral code at to make a referral. Creating an account requires making a previous purchase. To make a referral, Referrers must share their referral code or link via verbal or digital communications(sms, social network, email, etc.) A referral code or link can be shared to multiple recipiants. A referrer can access their code or link via logging into and going to account settings.

Qualified Referrals
A “Qualified Referral” means that all the following conditions are met:
The referred Friend, using a referral code or link, completes the purchase of at least $40 USD of Happy Co products in one order, and created a new account. If a Friend purchases and creates an account without using a code or link, the registration will not count as a Qualified Referral and the Referrer will not earn credit or reward points;

Earning Rewards
Referrer shall receive 2250 reward points for each verified Qualified Referral. 2250 points = $15 reward toward future purchases.