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Step 1: Choose your CUP
Happy Drink

Choose from our wide variety of coffees, designed to give you focus, happiness, weight management control and more energy, without more caffeine.

Step 2: Choose your CAP
Healthy Capsule

Dial in your experience with extra happiness “happy hormones activate!” or get extra energy “productivity set to 11!” Both options add a big dose of healthy.

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Rewards Program

Love. Expressed in free stuff.

We love our loyal customers. So much that we want to show it by giving you FREE stuff! Our program gives you 2 ways earn free stuff and keep the happy going, over and over and... Here's how we do it:

Buy more. Earn more.
Share. Earn. Repeat.
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What's Hot

*We are rebranding our packaging. You may see previous branding on your products. As inventory is replenished, we will be sending out the newly branded packaging.

Discounted Destinations
Maximized Experience

Isn’t it time to invest in yourself and your family? Have you ever wished there was an practical and affordable way to create experience with the people you love and care about most? Well… you’re in the right place at the right time! Don’t let another year of vacation days go to waste — get out and see the world today!

What Our Customers Say

Love at first sip!

Who wants to wait 90 days ... or even 90 minutes ...
to feel the impact of a product? Not you. Not anyone.

Just ask our hundreds of thousands of customers. Within a few sips of drinking any of our functional beverages, most people say they just FEEL BETTER.

Happy. Energized. Focused

If you’ve never had our Happy Coffee or any of our Happy Beverages, these stories will give a sense of just how good you can feel with natural nootropics.


Dial Up The
"Feel Good" Factor To 11!!

The science of nootropics is the next big thing. We are the creator and leader of this emerging category.


Everyone Deserves to be Happy!

It's hard to be happy when you're sick, scared or hungry. That's why we share some of our profits with three very worthy charities to help people from all walks of life. Your purchases make a difference!

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